Hi Everyone! I’m Ashley Wahler

I’m 29 years old living in beautiful Orange County California. I am married to an incredible man named Jason and we have two children, our fur baby and first born King Louis (Lou) and our amazing daughter Delilah Ray (Lilah) which is where the name Lilah & Lou came from. I created this blog to give my nitty gritty truths and experiences of being a new mom while trying to juggle being a loving wife, cooking, cleaning and running a business (because it’s freaking hard!). If your the kind of person who likes to correct peoples their from there your probably in the wrong place. I’m just here to be as open and honest about my journey of motherhood and tell you what worked and didn’t work for me personally. My hope is to just be someone to relate to and maybe help encourage you through your own journey as a mom.

“Just a normal mom trying to do the best I can everyday”