The Numerous Advantages of Using Nugenesis Dip Powder Nails

A dip powder manicure is an excellent cosmetic job that makes your nails look beautiful and enhance your overall personality to the next level. While gel polish was always known for its glamour effect, many people were wary of the UV radiation that could harm their skin. Dip powder provided the perfect alternative as you can get the right glossy shade as gel polish but without the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Nugenesis Dip Powder Nails

Besides, top-quality nail products manufacturers like Nugenesis offer an exciting range of dip powder products in various color shades to make it attractive for people globally. Let us now look at the multiple benefits of Nugenesis dip powder colors and see why people prefer Nugenesis powder to other manicures.

Benefits of Nugenesis Dip Powder

Nugenesis dip powder is a unique combination of traditional acrylic nails, and gel polish loved by women globally. The best part of Nugenesis dip powder is that it uses organically processed products with adequate levels of Calcium and Vitamin E to ensure durable nails that last long and simultaneously provide the ideal glossy effect.

Here are the various benefits of using Nugenesis powder.

As a rule, apply dip powder to your nails as an additional layer. If you have a heavy powder finish, it can be uncomfortable. Nugenesis scores better than its competitors because it is one of the lightest dip powders available in the market. Besides, it is the most versatile.

Acrylic nail polish lasts long, but the odor of acrylic products can be disgusting. Many people detest acrylic nail products primarily because of their strong smell. In contrast, Nugenesis powder does not have any odor. So, there is no question of emitting any odor when applying it.

Another excellent quality of Nugenesis dip powder is free from all toxic products. So, it is one of the healthiest products to use. Generally, cheap dip powder applications contain harmful chemicals that damage the nails and the overall health.

The primary issue with gel polish was UV radiation’s use to cure nail polish. Similarly, the traditional nail polish takes more than two hours to dry. In contrast, dip powder manicures dry within minutes of their application. The dip powder is always dry. The topcoat application dries super-fast within a minute. The Air-Dry feature is what endears Nugenesis dip powder to all.

Nugenesis dip powder requires less maintenance compared to other manicures. The dip powder manicure strengthens the nails and prevents them from chipping or falling off. In addition, they form a protective layer over the nails. Therefore, you do not need much maintenance.

Another positive feature of dip powder is that it is water-resistant and does not get damaged even if you undertake challenging work. However, we always advise people to exercise care during a nail manicure. Otherwise, a damaged nail can take a lot of time to heal. Besides, nail injuries can be painful.

Nugenesis dip powder is made from an organic process that does not harm or disturb the environmental balance. So, one can classify Nugenesis powder as an environmentally-friendly nail manicure product.

Nugenesis ranks among the best dip powder manicures as it is Calcium-fortified and comes with Vitamin E. Nugenesis dip powder gives a natural look and feel to your nails.

Besides, Nugenesis is available in an excellent range of colors and shades. The long-lasting color and shine make it one of the best dip powder available on the cosmetic scene today.

Nugenesis dip powder is the easiest to apply among all other manicures. While we advise everyone to visit a nail salon, one can have a dip manicure at home using Nugenesis dip powder. Applying dip powder at home is easy; anyone can master the process in no time. There is no use of primer that can come with hard chemicals. Similarly, there is no need to use a UV lamp for curing. So, your nail bed remains healthy and undamaged.

Removing Nugenesis dip powder is also one of the most straightforward procedures. Today, you have soak-off procedures that allow users to remove dip powder manicures quickly and without prolonged exposure to acetone. Hence, it saves your nails and skin from dehydration. Thus, it improves the nail’s overall health.

Tips to Have a Healthy and Beautiful Dip Manicure

While we have seen the various benefits of Nugenesis dip powder application, let us share some tips that should make it convenient to have a dip manicure with the best possible results.

While dipping your nails, please use a personal dip powder bottle so that no one else except you use it. First, it prevents you from contracting nail infections. Secondly, do not apply multiple layers of topcoat application. A layer or two should suffice for a matte finish. If you need a glossy feel, have a couple more.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the benefits of Nugenesis powder applications and seen how they are better than other manicures. So, have a dip powder manicure and show off on your Instagram handle.