DND Gel Polish – Avoid These Mistakes to Ensure Gel Polish Lasts Long

No one can ever deny that gel polish makes your nails beautiful and attractive. The advantage that DND gel nail polish has over other regular polish is its longevity. While the traditional nail polish lasts for a maximum of six to seven days, a good gel nail polish manicure can easily last for two to three weeks.

While longevity is an excellent trait to have, gel polish does have some drawbacks. We shall discuss these drawbacks and the mistakes that one can avoid. It ensures that your DND nail polish job continues to make your nails attractive.

  • The regular nail polish does not last more than seven days without chipping.
  • On the contrary, gel polish stays long because of the harder protection layer over the natural nail.
  • A gel polish manicure can result in increased nail growth.

The benefits of gel polish make it a sought-after option for many. However, the durability of gel polish and the protection it gives can be rough on nails. Therefore, you end up with weaker nails, prone to splitting. One should avoid making these following mistakes when going in for a gel polish manicure.

Back to back gel polish manicures

Applying and removing gel polish can cause wear and tear on your nails. As people tend to get gel nails every two or three weeks, it can suffocate the nail plate. The nail plate should get some rest and recuperation to be able to breathe correctly. Continuous application of gel polish without a break can result in dehydrating the nails, thereby causing breakage.

The solution is to schedule a cooling period of at least a week between two gel manicures. A week-long sabbatical from nail polish can do wonders for your nails.

Leaving gel polish for extended periods

A gel polish manicure’s fascinating aspect is the temptation to leave your gel polish on for too long. Generally, gel manicures easily last for two to three weeks. Extending your gel manicure beyond this period can be harmful. It can lead to weakened nails. By retaining the polish for too long a period causes the introduction of potentially harmful bacteria. Besides, it can become more challenging to remove the gel polish.

One should know that it is time to remove the polish if they experience lifting the gel from the nails. It encourages the build-up of moisture in the gaps, thereby providing ample scope for bacteria to develop.

Not seeking professional help to remove the gel polish

As the gel polish reaches the last leg of its journey, it can be tempting to remove the polish at home. Though DIY proponents teach you how to do it, it is always better to let the specialist do her job. It is also the safest method to remove gel polish.

However, circumstances can arise where you might not be able to visit a salon. It is advisable to follow these safety measures when trying out a DIY job.

  1. File the top portion of the polish gently to allow the acetone to penetrate the nail bed. It will help to dissolve the gel quickly.
  2. Instead of dipping your nails in acetone, it is better to use cotton balls soaked in acetone. Wrap these acetone-soaked cotton balls on your nails using a thin tin foil.
  3. Leave it for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes to let the gel dissolve in acetone.
  4. Use a wooden cuticle pusher to push the gel off the nail plates.
  5. One recommends using a sterilized buffing tool to buff the nail surface.
  6. Finally, rehydrating the nails is critical. It is advisable to use cuticle oil to your nails.

Avoiding cuticle oil

Generally, our natural nails are flexible. However, the harder they become, they lose their flexibility. Leaving on gel polish for extended periods hardens your nails. Therefore, rehydrating the nails is critical for its healthy growth. Besides, cold weather can dry out the skin and accelerate the dehydration process.

To combat the dehydration issue, experts suggest the application of cuticle oil. One should make it a practice of using cuticle oil on the nails even between your salon visits. A few drops do not harm your nails in any way. On the contrary, they keep the nails rehydrated and soft.


We have discussed some of the typical mistakes that people make when using gel polish. Finally, we add that using the best products is the right way to get beautiful nails. We recommend using high-quality beautification products like DND nail polish to keep your nails beautiful, attractive, and healthy.

Now, you should not think twice about removing your gel polish every two weeks. The additional benefit is that you can experiment with different colors of DND gel polish with greater frequency.