My Body Post Baby

When I was in college I was a “model”. You see my whole career was concentrated on my weight and figure. If I gained an inch or lb is was a matter of not getting a job and it was my only source of income so in order to pay my rent I had to work.  For me I have always been self conscious about my weight whether I was modeling or not having a good figure and taking care of my body meant a lot to me.

When I got pregnant I gained 50lbs, it was really hard for me to see my body change so drastically.  All of my friends swore to me that I could eat whatever I wanted and if I breastfed I would loose it all so fast and be even skinnier than before.  Well thats great in theory but these girls didn’t know I was Italian, and let me tell you after eating carbs everyday that 50lbs did NOT come right off. In fact it took almost 11 months to lose even part of it and I still have 7 lbs to lose before I am even back to my weight pre baby. 

With a baby it has been such a hard adjustment for me to find time to work out, but with Delilah getting heavier and more active I noticed by not being physically fit I am constantly exhausted and running on caffeine to keep me awake during the day.  My back hurt almost every second and the extra skin and weight from the pregnancy continued to stay on my body. I was unhappy not with just the way I looked but the way I felt and I was ready to make a change. 

   I had a girlfriend who was attending a bootcamp class which offered childcare so I decided to wake up and go! If I could take the time for myself to go to meetings, have a mentor and work on a program to help my mental health, than I could commit to a 30 day program 2x a week in order to help my physical health.

Today was my first day at FIIT mama bootcamp and I could not be prouder of myself. I was so hesitant to even walk into the door but once that hour was up I felt so energized to make it through the rest of the day with my little one. I am super excited to bring all of you along on this journey or spiritual and physical recovery while being a new mom!