My Breastfeeding Conclusion

Ok! So first and foremost I have to apologize about the delay in writing a new post. I have been completely overwhelmed with work, daily life, etc and have not been taking enough time for self care so in order for me to do that I had to take a step away from blogging for a minute so I could breathe. Not to mention planning a first birthday party is much more overwhelming than I ever imagined. I literally was at my breaking point later last week and wanted to call the whole thing off. But as overwhelming as it is to have so many people confirm for her party, I also am reminded of how many people love Delilah and just want to celebrate with her, and for that I am grateful. 

    So back to why I even am writing this post in the first place. Well as Delilah’s first birthday is a week away I have finally finished my journey with breastfeeding. I can’t believe I am not going to nurse her anymore because the bond we have built over the last year has been magical.  As I reflect on the last year of breastfeeding I am reminded me of all of the struggles that forced me to become a better mom.  I am so proud of myself for committing as long as I did. 

     Now I’m sure your wondering how did I do it.. The weaning thing… So about 5 months ago I just stopped pumping all together I was getting sick of pumping at work and was just over it. That helped wean and shorten my supply a little. I also decided to start supplementing with formula. I only use goats milk formula because it is the only thing that works for Delilah. I would breastfeed her anytime I was at home and on the days I worked my nanny started giving her bottles. As the months went on I began giving Delilah more food per feeding with water and just bottles or boob with naps or bedtime.   The weaning thing just seemed to run its course. I stoped producing enough milk at bedtime and started giving her formula instead. Come to find out she began sleeping even longer which was amazing.

    My production got less and less and more bottles were given. I finally made the decision to stop completely the other day. It is such a hard choice to make and when I did I remember looking at Delilah and crying the whole time she nursed.  Mostly because I cant believe that my baby girl is going to be one. If only we could learn to slow down time…   

How long did you guys breastfeed? Was it hard to stop? I want to hear all about your own journeys about breastfeeding… Comment Below