Best Types of Tanning Accelerators for Deep Tanning

Tan accelerators are a marvel of science. They can help you to get the perfect dream tan for the summer. Tanned skin looks glorious in any outfit and combined with beautiful and bright summer accessories. Using a tanning accelerator is especially a great idea if you have fair skin and want to avoid excessive sun damage.

Best Types of Tanning Accelerators

The best indoor tanning lotions for fair skin have a good mix of naturally nourishing ingredients, SPF and tanning ingredients. To choose the best tanning lotion, it is important to be familiar with the different types of tanning lotions available in the market.

In this article, we have talked about the difference between fake tan and accelerators, introduced important features of the various types of tanning lotions, and discussed which type is the most suitable for whom.

Fake Tan Vs. Tanning Accelerator

Tanning accelerators aren’t the same as regular fake tans. Tan accelerators operate by boosting melanin synthesis in your body, while self-tanners do the work by altering the color of dead skin cells. While you go out in sunlight, this tends to accentuate the natural color.

Melanin is the substance responsible for the color of your skin. Simply said, the more melanin produced by your skin, the stronger you will be tan. Having said that, let’s look at the different types of accelerators:

Maximizers and Accelerators

It is best to start your tanning journey with a tanning accelerator without bronzer if you’re new to tanning or if you have sensitive or fair skin. The majority of starter accelerators feature powerful anti-aging ingredients like CoQ-10. It’s ideal for laying on a foundation tan.

Starter accelerators don’t tickle and don’t include bronzers in them. When you have really dry skin, use it in conjunction with a moisturizer.


The bronzer is perhaps the most common form of a tan booster. Many have most probably tried at least one of them. Bronzers are divided into two categories: delayed and intermediate.

Understanding how bronzers operate is pretty easy. DHA and active chemicals are mixed in bronzers. They provide a deep tan that is instantaneous and has a hue that can last very long. The bronzer keeps growing after your tanning session, which is the primary advantage of this type of accelerator.

It simply keeps your tan from getting faded. When using bronzers, it’s crucial to make sure you’ve administered the product properly. If you don’t, you’ll get a streaky, uneven tan.  Another good idea is to thoroughly wipe your hands after using a bronzing lotion on your body. This will prevent you from having hands that are darker or orange than the rest of your body.

Another wonderful tip is to clean your hands completely after putting bronzing ointment on your skin. This will keep your hands from becoming orange or darker than the skin on the rest of your body.

Tingle Lotion

A tingle lotion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Tingle creams cause your skin to tingle after application. It isn’t difficult to understand why they’re doing it.

The lotion increases the impact of UV radiation by bringing blood to the skin’s surface, helping you acquire a darker and deeper tan in less time. Tingle lotions aren’t your best buddy if you’re a newbie. Those can be used by anyone who wants to get a dark tan.

Remember that persons with very sensitive skin must avoid tingling lotions. Also, don’t be surprised if the skin turns red after applying the product. This impact will last no more than an hour. Moreover, it may appear that you developed a sunburn at first, but the color should diminish soon.


Tanning accelerators aid in improving your tan experience and achieving the desired effects much more quickly. Certainly, not everyone will require one, but those that do will undoubtedly find it indispensable. So, be ready for your next beach vacation by picking up a great tan accelerator from the local drugstore!