OPI Dipping Powder to Strengthen Brittle Nails

Amongst the top benefits of OPI nail dipping colors is that they provide a perfect alternative to acrylic nails. If you are looking up the internet to buy OPI dipping powder, you will experience a major difference in your manicure.

With the OPI dipping powder, you won’t only find the perfect acrylic alternative but also boost nail stability by rendering your nails more durable.

OPI Dipping Powder to Strengthen Brittle Nails

You can find a good range of OPI nail dipping powder colors in the market which can make your nails pop and serve as the perfect extension to your apparel and thus become your ultimate fashion statement.

Who is the ideal applier of the OPI nail dipping powder colors?

The ideal applier of the OPI nail dipping powder colors is someone with weak and flexible nails that are prone to tear easily. If this sounds like you, then you would naturally desire stronger nails without the odor of the usual acrylic nails.

If your nails are of normal length and you have no desire of extending the length of your nails, then you ought to buy OPI dipping powder. The application process is easy: just dip, tap, and you are all set for the next two to three weeks to enjoy a glossy, shiny, sturdy, and long-lasting manicure.

What are the different types of OPI gel manicure options?

Traditionally, there are two options for OPI gel manicure: an OPI gel manicure, and an OPI enhancement manicure. The OPI dipping powder perfection provides you a perfect manicure service if you are looking for something in between the lines of an OPI gel manicure and a set of acrylic nails.

The type of OPI gel manicure that you ought to opt for depends on your nail condition. Assess your nails whether they are hard or weak. Also, see how healthy or damaged your nails are. Also, determine the desired results that you are looking forward to. Do you want long-lasting OPI gel colors or are you simply looking forward to stronger and longer nails?

Another parameter to determine what type of manicure you should get depends on your lifestyle. It depends whether you are a working professional, a busy stay-at-home mom, or an outgoing outdoor person.

If you have weak, brittle, and flexible nails that can break easily, you should buy the Powder Perfection OPI dipping powder. The OPI dipping powder is strong and reliable, while you have an option of more than twenty OPI colors to choose from.

If you have weak and damaged nails but desire a dramatic length and are looking for differently shaped nails, you are all set with the Absolute Pink& White OPI shades that ensure long-lasting durability. The AXXIUM OPI dipping powder is also ideal for brittle nails to strengthen and sharpen the nails.

Lastly, if you have hard nails that can chip or break easily, the OPI gel colors are perfect. All you need to do is pay attention to the application process, ensure that you cure your hands between the base coat, colored layer, and the top coat.

How to apply OPI dipping powder?

After you have properly prepped your nails, you can start with the application process. Before you start the manicure, pour the OPI dipping powder of your desired shade in one cup, and the OPI powder perfection setting powder into another cup.

Starting with one nail, cap the entire nail with the base coat. While working on one nail at one time, immediately dip your nail at a slightly bent angle into the OPI dipping powder of your desired color.

Tap off the excess powder. After the nail has dried, use a sanitized brush to get off any loose powder. Repeat the process on all your nails for a second time. Subsequently, apply a thin and even coat of the OPI Powder gel base to all nails. And dip all nails into the OPI powder perfection color setting powder at a slightly bent angle.

Tap off the excess powder. Once it is dried, use a clean soft brush to dust off any remaining OPI powder. Lastly, apply an even coat of OPI  activator to all your nails while ensuring that the entire surfaces of your nails are covered.

After two to three weeks, for the removal of the OPI dipping manicure, use a file to break up the manicure layer. Refrain from filling your natural nails. Saturate the wiping pad with a lacquer remover. Use a wrap to secure the pad around your fingers. Allow them to soak for up to 20 minutes.

Use gentle twisting motion while removing the wraps. Wash your hands and moisturize.


The OPI dipping powder manicure will last up to three weeks. This manicure is ideal for brittle, weak, and flexible nails. If you are looking for stronger nails, durability, and long-lasting colors, the OPI nail colors is for you!